Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bear Republic Brewing Co. - Racer 5 IPA

A few weeks back, a coworker, Beau, and I were talking about beer. The subject of IPAs came up and he asked me if I had ever tried Bear Republic's Racer 5. While I had seen this beer in nearly every beer bar I've ever been to, I had yet to give it a taste. Beau told me it was worth a try so I vowed to give it a go the next time I saw it. That happened to be today.

While at a restaurant in North Park with my girlfriend today, I saw that Racer 5 was on tap and decided to go for it. And in the end- good call. The beer was a nice slightly murky golden color with a frothy white head that reduced pretty quickly. The beer just smelled like an IPA should. It had some nice floral hops to it that were really inviting. The taste was full of crisp hop flavors but was really well balanced by a smooth and almost buttery finish. It kept the hops from being overwhelming and made the beer incredibly drinkable.

In the end, while there are still a few IPAs I would say I like more, this one is excellent. I'm definitely not passing this one up the next time I see it.

Final Grade: A

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