Sunday, May 24, 2009


Us humans have strange ways of connecting with one another. The longer I work in a place where talking to people every day is part of the job, the more I've realized that there's always a way to connect to someone. This doesn't just apply to customers. Sometimes, there's a new worker and they're really shy, and you want to help them, but you're not sure how. As a shy person, I can say that it's definitely true that some people just don't want to talk sometimes, or even at all in some cases. There's always some way to get through to someone, the trick is just finding it.
In a lot of cases, maybe the person isn't talking, but you notice something about them, say, a tattoo. If you bring up that tattoo, (note: this doesn't work in cases where the person has a tattoo that they really regret getting. In those cases, bringing it up will just result in a really angry glare) chances are that person is going to start talking, and it's going to be hard to get them to stop. I think that's one of the things I like most about having tattoos. Even if you just have a one inch star on your wrist, or a ladybug on your foot, having art as part of your body gives you an instant connection to anyone else with ink. Maybe a ladybug isn't going to get you crazy street-cred, but it puts you in a sort of club that only people with tats have. It's a bond through the process and the pain and everything else involved with getting a tattoo. And that bond is something that's easy to build on.

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