Monday, October 19, 2009

Phillies 11, Dodgers 0

I watched the Dodger game last night. Or really, I should say that I watched the first inning and then left for an extended period, returning later to find the Dodgers stuck at the same score they began the game (0) and the Phillies at a score that 5 NFL teams failed to reach yesterday. I absolutely love the Dodgers and I still have every bit of confidence in their ability to reach (and win) the World Series. I'm just a little worried now. Ok, a lot.

Last night was more than a little painful to watch. Going up against a pitcher against Cliff Lee, I had a feeling that the odds weren't for the Dodgers going up 2-1 in the series. And with Kuroda, a pitcher who had been out since September, on the mound, I had a feeling the pitching might not be quite as stellar as Padilla had been in Game 2. However, nothing could have prepared me for that first inning. Within seconds, the Phillies had a hit...and then another...and then another. Suddenly they were up 2-0 and just when it seemed like the inning couldn't get any worse, one of my least favorite players in the league, Jayson Werth, hit a 2 run bomb off a pitch that had about as much deception to it as a pitch thrown by my little sister. I felt like one of the vampires in From Dusk Till Dawn getting my heart gouged with a pool cue. Not only were the Phillies winning, Jayson Werth and his stupid facial hair were at the helm. It was an absolute nightmare.

The worst part about last night's game for Dodger fans is that the Phillies are now one step closer to taking the Dodgers out again. It's deja vu in the worst possible way. To see the Dodgers finally win a series in the playoffs and then get crushed by the Phillies last year was rough, but this year, I really felt like the Dodgers had the pieces to beat another tough Philly team. Last night's game left an awful taste in my mouth and it's really making me worry about the game tonight. The biggest question is: which Dodger team will show up? Will it be the Dodgers of Game 1, who went bezerk at the plate and nearly matched the Phillies run for run? Will it be the Dodgers of Game 2, where they decided that pitching is kind of important if you want to win games? Or will it be the Dodgers of last night, who basically put a "Hit Me" sign on their chests and laid down in front of the Philly-driven steam roller? I can only hope for the best. Go Blue.

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