Thursday, February 24, 2011

Port Brewing Company - Mongo

When it comes to IPAs, San Diego knows how to do things right. Yet another example is Pizza Port's Mongo. This Double IPA is about as good as they come. Named after a rambunctious kitten that liked to hang around the brewery that the brewers nicknamed "Mongo," this beer weighs in at over 8% but feels nothing like it. As far as labels go, Mongo is tough to beat- a gray cat in boardshorts dropping in on a 30 foot bomb while other surfers look on in awe.

Mongo pours a slightly hazy, honey color with a good sized head that drops quickly but leaves great lacing down the glass. The smells coming off of this one are incredible- fresh citrus hops, grapefruit, pineapple, mango and juicy tangerine. I absolutely love the way this beer smells.

Taste-wise, the beer was no worse than the smell. A hard peppery citrus hop bite at the start was followed by some subtle malts which balanced the hops nicely. Mixed in with the hops was a hint of pineapple, which gave the beer a nice tropical flavor. Having tried Port's Hop 15 and High Tide IPAs, I can definitely say that Mongo stands out from the rest.

Final Grade: A

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