Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Steinhaus Brewing Company - Jumping Cow Amber Ale

A few weeks ago, I realized that there were still a few beers on the Trader Joes shelves that I had yet to try. I wasn't super pumped after my experience with most of the beer there so far, but I picked up a few still left on my list and hoped for the best. The first was Jumping Cow.

Jumping Cow pours a dark orange color with a thin head that fades pretty quickly. The smells are mostly malt with a little caramel sweetness and a hint of floral hops as the beer warms.

Taste-wise, there really just wasn't much to this one. On my first sip, I got a little bite from the carbonation at first and then...nothing. As the beer warmed a bit, I could taste some slight bready malts and a little bit of hops on a finish that lengthened a bit as the beer got warmer. Even as it warmed though, there was just nothing to this one. In my notes, I wrote: "Maybe the most tasteless beer (short of Budweiser 55) I've ever had." Ouch.

Final Grade: D

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