Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bootlegger's Brewery - Knuckle Sandwich

I hadn't even heard of Bootlegger's Brewery until a few weeks ago when I saw their Knuckle Sandwich Double IPA on beeradvocate's Top 100 list. As it turns out, the brewery is just over an hour away from me and turns out some decent beer. As I started looking more and more for some of the brewery's offerings, I came upon a few of their beers but not the one I really wanted to try- Knuckle Sandwich. Eventually, I assumed that it was a special release and one that I wasn't likely to find anytime soon, so I gave up trying. Then, I happened to be in Beverages 4 Less in Santee when the owner got a case of new beer in that he said he thought I might like. He opened up the case and pulled out a bottle of...Knuckle Sandwich!

Knuckle Sandwich (great name, by the way) pours a dark ruby color with a small sand-colored head that holds up pretty well. I picked up smells of candied citrus, banana, citrus hops and a slight bit of funk.

I was expecting this one to be really hoppy and the citrus hops got the taste off to a good start. They hit the palette hard and peppery with some flavors of grapefruit pith and lemon rind. There's a slight hit of malt in the middle before a finish that's full of hop resins. Overall, this was a pretty solid Double IPA. I don't know if I would put it in the Top 100, but it's a good beer that I'm glad to have finally found.

Final Grade: A-

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