Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Founders Brewing Company - Founders KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout)

Ever since I started to get into beer, I've wanted to try Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout. Sitting at #8 on the Top 100 list on beeradvocate, KBS is a beer that isn't easy to find, especially if you live in California. I was finally able to get this beer through a trade with a guy from Cincinnati and opened it with some friends on Friday.

Kentucky Breakfast Stout pours an impossibly black color with a thin, tan head that goes away as soon as it forms. The result is an intimidating liquid in your glass that looks like motor oil. The beer is cave aged in bourbon barrels for over a year, but I didn't get much of the bourbon barrel aging off the nose. Instead, I picked up a massive amount of freshly ground dark roasted coffee along with some dark chocolate and fudge. What stood out the most for me was the coffee. The intensity of the smell was astounding. So far, this beer was living up to its hype.

I took one sip and instantly knew that this beer was deserving of all of its praise. Again, huge dark roasted coffee flavors jumped out, but they were tempered by some equally prominent notes of dark chocolate and a touch of vanilla. The blend of coffee and dark chocolate is incredibly well done. This beer is an absolute must have for any beer lover and it's tough knowing that I probably won't see it again for a while. Still, I'm so glad to have gotten to try this one. Until next time, KBS.

Final Grade: A+

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