Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Lucky Drink Co. Pty Limited - Lucky Beer

The other day, I was perusing the selection at Texas Liquor when I saw a bottle of beer unlike any other bottle I'd seen before. It was a green bottle (red flag!) shaped like a buddha. The bottle said the beer was called "Lucky Buddha" and that it was made in China. I don't have a ton of experience with Chinese beer, and it was selling for under two dollars so I decided to give it a try. When I got home, I looked up the beer and found out that the beer is actually contract brewed in Australia for a Chinese company and goes by the name "Lucky Beer." The reviews weren't great, but it was a little too late to go back, so I opened it up.

Lucky Beer pours a clear golden color with a thin white head that disappears pretty quickly. The smell was pretty typical for an adjunct lager (a lager that uses rice and corn instead of barley in the brewing process) with notes of pale malts, some faint grassy hops and a little apple cider. I said "red flag" when I said the beer was in a green bottle because green bottles do little to protect the beer from light and this often results in the beer getting skunked. Luckily, this one didn't show any evidence of skunking.

The taste actually wasn't bad for an adjunct lager. The majority of the taste was comprised of grains and bready malts with a touch of lemon zest in the background. There was nothing that really excited me about this beer (besides the bottle) but it wasn't as bad as most beers in the style.

Final Grade: C

Top 100 Beers Tasted: 24

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