Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Run 16

I think the best thing about running outside as opposed to on a treadmill is that you never know what's going to be waiting for you. On a treadmill you might reduce your chance of being hit by a car or tripping over an uneven curb, but you pretty much know what you're going to get every time you go on one. When you're outside, you really have no idea what's in store for you.

I decided to run again after work yesterday. While the weather down here is somehow still stuck in "crap" mode, it decided to warm up right before I got off of work, so it was about as warm as it's been in a week down here during the run. Despite this, there was a enough of a breeze and shade throughout the route to keep me comfortable enough.

As I rounded to corner at the end of the first straightaway, I smelled something that was a little different. Up to this point, I hadn't seen anything too surprising on the run, but then I came around the corner and saw it. The Korean Barbecue Truck!

If you don't know what a Korean barbecue truck is, I'm sorry. Basically, here's how it works. A food truck with some of the best Korean food you will ever try goes around a neighborhood and uses twitter to let their fans know where they're going to be next. Usually, the trucks are on some kind of loop, but sometimes they'll mix up their locations. This phenomenon began up in LA, where three Korean fusion trucks run by the same company make loops around all of the city. My girlfriend and I were able to find one a few months back and it was delicious. Spurred by the success of the Korean truck, there are now tons of food trucks in LA and I've seen everything from a Vietnamese truck to a cupcake truck. Sadly, this craze has been a little slow catching on down here in San Diego. However, about a month ago, my girlfriend found out that there was a Korean food truck operating down here, we just hadn't been able to find it- until yesterday.

Up to the point I found the Korean barbecue truck, the run hadn't been going fantastic. My first mile wasn't completely sluggish, but it wasn't my best. But after seeing the truck, I was pumped. All I wanted to do was run home to get money and go straight to the truck. I don't know what my average mile time was after seeing the truck, but it was good. I finished the 3.25 mile run ten seconds faster than my previous best time and averaged a 7:06 mile. There's just one thing I need to remember for my next run- to bring money with me next time.

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